Monday 9 September 2013

Saxon remains to be reburied after dig

Saxon remains found during an archaeological dig at an abbey in Warwickshire are being reburied at a church service later.

Saxon remains to be reburied after dig
Radiocarbon dates for the remains should be known in the next
three months [Credit: Peter Ralley/BBC]
Archaeologists working on a three year dig at Polesworth Abbey found up to 15 ancient burials. The dig has uncovered the pre-Norman abbey and a Saxon church.

Father Philip Wells, who is conducting the service, said it was not clear yet if the remains were those of nuns from the original abbey.

The results of radiocarbon dating on the remains should be known within the next three months.

A team of local volunteers have carried out the dig, supervised by professionals from the Northamptonshire Archaeological team. The work has been paid for by English Heritage.

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